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Despite our meeting with UNHCR on bribe in Resettlement we were not convinced

The current situation on the ground surrounding the whole UNHCR Resettlement process cannot justified. It needs a quick action and the best move would have been to allow refugees to Continue Reading »

Freezing the Refugee Aid to UNHCR Uganda, a Positive move

Despite the fact that donors have been generous to give their money, refugees do not get it. Even if the aid is cut off, still refugees will not be affected Continue Reading »

Denouncing generalized bribe in the whole Refugee Resettlement in Uganda

This is what we have observed that has affected the whole resettlement process for all refugees in Uganda. In most cases they are the rich who are easily granted resettlement Continue Reading »

I’m still alive Campaign: Human Rights Activism is not a Crime

Yes, it is difficult to be a refugee human rights defender but yet it is possible: Here in what we want to tell the world now about our struggle for Continue Reading »

Our Position on the current situation of refugees in Uganda

By this Declaration, we the signatories refugee leaders we believe that the only actions we can encourage refugees to get engaged in to push for change is Civil Disobedience and Continue Reading »

I’m still alive campaign:

Open Letter to the Minister about the current situation of refugees in Uganda

Not much progress is being seen at the refugee community levels even if there efforts by different actors to ensure that refugees get advantages of what is likely to be Continue Reading »

Our Declaration against the canceling of Rwandan Refugee Status in Uganda

We strongly reject the move by the government of Uganda to cancel the Refugee Status of the 14,000 Rwandan Refugees in Uganda. We commit ourselves to advocate against this move Continue Reading »

Kulihoshi M Pecos at risk of being arrested because of standing for 25 refugee women who have been abused

We are always on the side of the victims and because of that we cannot abandon these 25 refugee women here in Kampala who have been abused by those who Continue Reading »

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