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Declaration of Refugees in Uganda for Actions

Refugees have to engage in civil disobedience in order to challenge what is being imposed on them.

The situation of refugees in Uganda has deteriorated

And such situation is just fabricated by the refugee regime in order to seek for more money from the donors.

Bribe in the whole refugee resettlement in Uganda: Only those who have money can get resettlement

Bribe is well maintained in Uganda and benefits only those who have money, unfortunately the poor cannot get it anymore.

Petition to OPM and UNHCR about fake refugee elections in Kyangwali Camp

They have again deceived us that refugees are free to choose their representatives.

Urgent action on behalf of Joseph Uhusino arrested in Kyangwali Refugee Camp

He has been arrested and detained in the Refugee Camp on orders from the Camp Commandant.

Alert on the situation of Refugee Human Rights Defenders in Uganda

The situation of refugee human rights defenders is becoming more challenging especially those who are helping in the ongoing investigations.

Despite our meeting with UNHCR on bribe in Resettlement we were not convinced

The current situation on the ground surrounding the whole UNHCR Resettlement process cannot justified. It needs a quick action and the best move would have been to allow refugees to Continue Reading »

Freezing the Refugee Aid to UNHCR Uganda, a Positive move

Despite the fact that donors have been generous to give their money, refugees do not get it. Even if the aid is cut off, still refugees will not be affected Continue Reading »

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