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Refugee Food Festival in Kampala

The Refugee Food Festival was an activity organized by RefugeeNow Kampala and brought together last Friday refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Eritrea who Continue Reading »

Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos Opening Remarks during refugee leaders meeting

Wednesday May 3rd, 2017 more than 30 refugee leaders in Kampala met in order to deliberate on number of things affecting refugees, we thank the Foundation PPDHR for Coordinating the Continue Reading »

Consider Refugees in the threats to shut down Sim-Cards in Uganda

The Uganda Communication Commission is threatening to shut down all Sim-Cards which are now re-registered by April 20th, 2017, but they have not yet taken into refugees in Uganda.

We need a holistic approach to address refugee challenges: Our views to Oxford

We need at the same time to focus at the causes why people are forced to run away from their countries, we need to focus on the policies governing them Continue Reading »

To the UK Parliament: The Uganda’s Refugee Policy is to manage refugees but not to empower them

In essence and in practicality, and in terms of impact the Uganda’s refugee Policy is not different from other refugee policies in otherĀ  countries. This is our submission to the Continue Reading »

Finally Scola sacked but what about others who have oppressed refugees in Uganda?

It is now official that the Executive Director of Inter-Aid was recently sacked and yet she is just one individual, what about others within the system who have abused refugees Continue Reading »

The Refugee International Reports does not reflect the refugee situation in Uganda

We are so much concerned about the commercialization of the misery of refugees by different actors who claim speaking for refugees. We distance ourselves from this report.  

Women’s day: Attribute to Refugee women who are the Economy behind their homes

Happy Women’s Day to you all, Let us reflect on 4 things today. As an organization we are much active in the field of women’s rights through Equality but also Continue Reading »

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