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by October 3, 2015 Uncategorized

The Work Plan for the Period 2017 – 2019

This is still a draft of our work plan for the Period 2017 -2019, the revised and final copy will available in January 2017. Find the draft here “revised-stragic-plan-for-the-year-2017-2019

The Work Plan for the Universal Periodic Review on Refugee Rights in Uganda

We have represented refugees in the whole UPR process and now we have again moved forward to see that implement the recommendations.

Accepted recommendations: Work plan, open herefppdhr-final-action-plan-on-upr and the Implementation Strategy, open the link here “foundation-ppdhr-implementation-plan-marginalised-people-on-upr

Pending Recommendations

These recommendations were left pending by the government of Uganda and they are to be reviewed in March 2017 when the Government of Uganda appears before the Human Rights Council Committee on the Universal Periodic Review.

Work Plan, open the link here “foundation-ppdr-action-plan-on-pending-upr-recommendations

Implementation Plan, open the link here ” foundation-ppdr-on-pending-upr-recommendation-implenetation

International Dates by Foundation PPDHR

We have collected some international dates which we shall commemorate here in Uganda and they are in this document on the attachment here ” foundation-ppdhr-international-dates-for-2017


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