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In Uganda

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by October 4, 2015 Uncategorized

Key partners in Uganda

  1. Refugees Community Leaders: We have different partners among refugees leaders who are engaged in different fields of work at the community such refugee led organizations, the refugee business community, the employment market, the refugee religious community, refugee cultural leaders, and the refugee population from the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Burundi, Somalia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea among others.
  2. Stake holders: Mainly those working with refugees such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Office of the Prime Minister Directorate of Refugees, the International Refugee Rights Initiatives, the Lutheran World Federation, the Forum for Education NGOs in Uganda, Xavier Project,
  3. Other organizations: Uganda Human Rights Commission, Foundation for Human Rights Initiative, Community Health Rights Network, Wakisa Ministries, ANPCCAN, ……But we also have contacts with other organizations such as the Refugee Law Project, PADEAP, Turget Uganda,
  4. Refugee Led Organizations Network

Media and Press

The Independent Magazine,

The Observer News Paper,

New Vision News Paper,

BBC Africa,



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