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by October 4, 2015 Uncategorized

The UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights

This convention is less known by many refugees yet is important to advance their rights: UN Convention on Civil and Polictical Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This is our document of reference in our activities for the protection of refugee rights here in Uganda: UDHR

The Uganda Refugee Act 2006

This document is just a collection from both international and national policies and it is extremely vague on who refugees are and what approaches should be used towards them: Uganda Refugee Act 2006

The AU Convention on Refugees in Africa

It is more of the same and lacks particular aspects for refugees in African: AU Convention on Refugees

It is more urgent to amend this UN 1951 Convention

Not only that the document is too old in regard to the reality of refugees but it has been also misused by politicians for their interest and therefore it has lost its role to protect refugees: UN REFUGEE CONVENTION


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