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by October 4, 2015 Uncategorized

Open Letter to the Minister of Relief Preparedness and Refugees in Uganda

Seeking for your your urgent interventions to put on hold Kazungu Directive banning the registration of Congolese Asylum seekers in Kampala: Kindly view the letter from here “The Minister for Relief Preparedness and Refugees About Congolese

Letter to the Delegation of the USA Congress that visited Uganda in August 2017

Kindly view the letter from here: Letter to the USA Congress about refugees here in Uganda

Who do the United States of America support here in Uganda?

Is the aid you give for refugees of the the survival of the refugee regime? Giving humanitarian aid to UNHCR is not necessarily true that you have given it to refugees: To the Embassy of the United States of America in Kampal1

East and Horn of African war against Refugee Human Rights Defender

Pride of its influence and position, the network does not accommodate a different view, and whoever thinks differently is an enemy, the network does not accept that we criticize the refugee regime: The East of Horn Africa Human Rights Defenders Network

You cannot imagine what they say about refugees?

Whatever you say for refugees, without refugees you say it against refugees. Reaction to UNFPA speech

Where does the aid contributed end from?

Looking into the refugee empire here in Uganda, especially those who brandish the plight of refugees for their selfish gain: Open letter to WFP IN UGANDA on refugees issues

Our Reaction on the research about the situation of refugees from South Sudan in Uganda by Refugee International entitled ” “Getting it Right: Protection of South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda,” , find the document here on the attachment (


Letter to the Press, Media and Civil Society: Invitation to join refugees to handover the Petition: Invitation to CSOs and Media about our Petition

Letter to the Commissioner for refugees: Request for appointment to handover our Petition “The Commissionner about the petition

Letter to the Germany Embassy to Uganda: Meet refugees in their diversities “Delagation from Germany


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  1. Positive reaction from the Germany Embassy to Uganda

    This reaction is in line of what we have been asking to all who are interested in refugee matters to deal directly with refugees. We hope that Germany could also be the voice of refugees to other partners.
    Here is the reaction “Dear Mr. Pecos,

    thank you for your letter and your concern regarding an inclusive dialog on refugee issues.

    While we take note of your concerns, please be assured that it is in the interest of the Embassy of Germany and the German Government to gather a wide array of opinions in order to get a complete picture of the situations we are dealing with.

    Unfortunately, the planned visit of a high-level delegation to Uganda had to be cancelled last week due to unforeseeable circumstances. No alternative dates are known yet.

    The Embassy of Germany is in regular contact / exchange with civil society organization and their representatives. I also wish to renew our offer to you to stay in contact for an assessment of future possibilities of cooperation. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    With best regards,

    Udo Weber”


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