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Outside Uganda

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by October 4, 2015 Uncategorized

We also have networks outside with whom we engage on number of issues

  1. Font Line Human Rights Defenders
  2. Amnesty International Canada,
  3. Universal Periodic Review Info,
  4. Office of the United Nations Human Rights Council,
  5. Women Global Network for Reproductive Rights,
  6. Fahulu Refugee Information Center,
  7. Forced Migration Review/ OXFORD University,
  8. Global Safe Energy Alliance,
  9. UNHCR Inspector General,
  10. The European Union/ Refugee section
  11. Ecoterra International,
  12. Amnesty International Africa Regional Office/ Nairobi Kenya

Media and press

  1. Channel Africa: South Africa,
  2. Voice of America,
  3. BBC Africa,

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