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by October 4, 2015 Uncategorized

Irregularities mount OPM/UNHCR Refugee Verification Exercise in Kampala: Press release on the ongoing verification of refugees in Kampala January 2018


The Refugee Regime in Uganda is accountable for the attacks against refugees in Nakivake: The Uganda Refugee Regime should account for the deadly attack against refugees in Nakivale Refugee Camp on Sunday October 29th

We strongly condemn the Police brutality against refugees in Kyaka II settlement here in Uganda: We strongly condemn the barbaric attack against refugees in Kyaka II Camp in Uganda yesterday November 22nd

On this Day as we move towards the International Day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we viewed it necessary to share with our thought and expectation of how we would like to see our struggle against death sentence to look like, more inclusive and looking at other areas of the society where Death Sentence is still pronounced. Find our statement here “There is urgent need to expand the Death Sentence Punishment to other Sectors in Uganda such as to the situation of Refugees who are sentence to death by the Refugee Regime

Kindly find our Press Statement on the attachment.

The Current Political situation of uncertainty in Uganda is a threat to the protection of refugees “Press statement on the current political situation in Uganda


Your Excellency,
Dear Sir/ Madam,

Kindly find on the attachment our Position which was taken this after evaluation the situation of Refugee Human Rights Defenders in Uganda. This is in protest of the arbitrary arrest of Mr. Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos, the Executive Director of the Foundation People for Peace and Defense of Human Rights by the Police attached to the Office of the Minister Department of Refugees in Uganda. Here is the Press Release ” Canceling all activities we have earlier planned for the World Peace Day in protest of the arrest of Mr

Please take note of the changes. The Press Release is on the attachment. We highly regret the inconvenience caused.


Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos

Executive Director


Do you think this idea can help refugee women? If yes please open the link and share your idea there, here is the link:



We stand for Refugees

Looking into the political scenario to ensure that refugees in Uganda are not taken as a political to spread violence and hatred: Response to the Opposition claims about refugees in Uganda

Presenting the challenges of refugees

One among our advocacy activity is to engage with stake holders in different ways on refugee issues: Our submission during the consultative meeting between UNHCR and refugee leaders in Kampala

Stop Recruiting Congolese Refugees in Uganda

We stand for the Protection of Refugees in Uganda especially those who came to seek asylum and who have been targeted by Congolese rebels who are based in Uganda: M23 rebels among Congolese refugees in Uganda

Congolese Civil Society in Exile takes Positions

Much as they are refugees here in Uganda, but they are not indifferent towards the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo which has been in war for the last 21 years now: CONGOLESE CIVIL SOCEITY ACTIVE FORCES OF THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO

Protect Refugee HRDs in Uganda

Call to end discrimination against Refugee human rights defenders in Uganda especially those from French Speaking Countries.

As the debate continues about the failure of the Civil Society in Uganda to ensure the protection of Refugee human rights, much as there is a need to empower them so that they can respond to their needs alone, we also position ourselves and wish to engage the Ugandan HRD Community: “Call to end discrimination against French-Speaking HRDs in Uganda


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