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by October 4, 2015 Uncategorized

Our Research Programme

It is one among the key programs we have at the Foundation PPDHR and we focus on the following:

  1. Identifying key areas of research on all what we do,
  2. Carrying out a research on behalf of other institutions in terms partnership through contracts,
  3. Helping students, academics and other people to carry their research work,

How do we do it

We do initiate our own research work for the purpose of our activities and often for our advocacy work. We also get contracts from individuals, organizations and institutions on various fields of work, but also help individuals such as students and academics to carry a research.


These are the major conditions for us to get involved in a research work:

  1. We should have a Memorandum of Understanding between us and the other party,
  2. We must be convinced that the research has interests or is in favor of the people who will be interviewed,
  3. The research should be carried out in dignity for all involved in in terms of working conditions and allowances,
  4. The research must have options to involve the local communities about the outcome and the findings,

We provide the following services:

We can be your local Host Organizations,

We can be your local consultant and inn this we can produce for the questionnaires,

We can provide you the human resource you need such as mobilizers, interpreters, translators and research assistants,

Take into account this

We also emphasize that in case you are to carry out interviews, you should make sure that you provide transport refund back to refugees and soft drinks. This is to ensure that refugees do not use their little money they had for their meal for transport to meet you and have an interview with.  In case you want to avoid the transport cost you may opt to visit refugees at their homes where they live but the difference is the similarity, we also need to take into account that refugees rent houses and sometimes some landlord may increase the house when they have seen a refugee with white people,


Kindly find the copy of the report here attached ” Summary of the research work by the Foundation People for Peace and Defense of Human Rights since September 2016 to March 2017


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