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by October 4, 2015 Uncategorized

Urgent Action

They risk everything to defend human rights.
On December 10, we defend them.

Dear Colleagues,
Human rights defenders around the world are under attack. Courageous individuals and communities are facing smear campaigns, surveillance, unjust imprisonment, forced disappearance – even murder – just for speaking out.

On December 10, Human Rights Day, millions of Amnesty supporters are speaking out together to defend human rights defenders. Join us!

Every year, Amnesty International supporters mark December 10 with Write for Rights, the world’s biggest event for human rights!

>> Sign up to Write for Rights!

This year we’re taking action for 10 individuals and communities who risk everything to help others. People like: 

  • Clovis, facing jail time in Madagascar for protecting the rainforest
  • Shackelia, harassed for speaking out to stop police violence in Jamaica
  • Xulhaz, murdered in Bangladesh for defending LGBTI rights, and whose killers still haven’t been brought to justice

Last year we took more than 4.6 million actions in 200 countries for human rights! 30,000 Canadians gathered in schools, cafes, kitchens and concert halls in every province and territory. We wrote letters, signed petitions, tweeted and sent solidarity messages to change lives and reunite families.

Write for Rights makes me so proud to be a part of Amnesty International. December 10 is the day when our collective voice is heard around the world. It’s the perfect way to push back against those trying to diminish the role of human rights in our world.

Your words have the power to free people from human rights abuses.

Please join me and supporters around the world on December 10 to make our voice even more powerful!

Yours in solidarity,


Congratulation message to the new Acting UNHCR Country Representative to Uganda: the-acting-country-representative

Kesembo is a human rights in Uganda who needs your interventions, for more information find the link here “ua_christopher_kisembo_hrds


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