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Donald Trump is wrong but the UNHCR is worse and more oppressive against refugees

by January 30, 2017 Uncategorized

While we are all concerned decisions of Donald Trump in the USA we have failed to question the xenophobic sentiments of the majority of the Americans who voted him for the same political agenda. Trump

Surprisingly the United Nations which has greatly contributed to the plight of refugees seems to be among the most concerned by Trump decision.

Donald Trump is wrong on refugees but the United Nations has been the worst in terms of violation refugee rights

The current refugee management affairs especially here in Uganda do not assure anyone about who is a refugee in Uganda, and the UNHCR has played a frontline role in this.

We continue seeing the misconception about refugees in the western countries and the quick stereotype to link refugees with problems and threats. It is very easy to win elections in the western countries as long as the campaign is centered on refugees and migrants.

The President of the United States of America Donald Trump has banned refugee entry for 120 days citing “security” reasons and indefinitely has banned refugees from some Islamic Countries.

We all condemn the decision taken by Donald Trump against refugees but we have to go far and understand it better in order to find out the causes and the realities behind such decisions. We cannot fail to understand that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has greatly contributed towards this and Donald Trump only took advantage of these shortcomings.

Globally as we may know UNHCR has maintain that negative picture of who refugees are and the aim of that is to fundraise from these developed countries”, in the field UNHCR does not want to develop or solve the problems of refugees but want only to manage those challenges faced by refugees.  This has kept refugees to appear always as a threat to the economy or a burden as it is clearly indicated in all these legal documents. Over the years UNHCR has been a driver of “the burden Agenda”, truly speaking very few people would like to welcome a burden despite all that has been proven that refugees are a human resource.

Trump was elected as president on a clear manifesto and which he is now implementing; in actual sense the majority of Americans supported his ideas and xenophobic sentiments.  While we can see that xenophobia by trump, we have failed to see the xenophobia by UNHCR against refugees.

But beyond that we have to see on the ground what happens with refugees and the roles of the United Nations in refugee matters. We have heard bitter reactions from the United Nations against Trump decisions but in actual sense Trump is not the only one who has seriously violated refugee rights, or who has failed to protect refugees. But we have not heard the same bitter reactions of the United Nations against UNHCR for failing to ensure the protection of refugees despite all information available how UNHCR.

Here in Uganda the UNHCR which is mandated to ensure the protection of refugees plays a frontline role to violate refugee rights. And on top of that UNHCR is oppressive against refugees who denounce such violations.

Some refugee here in Uganda do get humanitarian relief but others do not get because of UNHCR logics, millions of refugee children cannot access even primary education, every day refugees die with curable diseases, those who are supposed to get resettlement is described by the United Nations do not get however those who are not supposed are the ones who get it.

Donald Trump has argued about the security of the United States of America and yet based on the refugee determination status here in Uganda; it cannot assure anyone that it is well done. Here in Uganda with 200 $ USA someone gets a refugee status and in a very short time and without interview. For the last 10 years people do come and claim they are Congolese refugees and they are registered as refugees in that way, here in Uganda with 3,000 to 5,000$ USA you can easily get resettlement to others countries regardless on who you are.

Refugees who have tried to demonstrated against such ways of doing things were violently and brutally arrested, detained and sentenced by the police acting on orders from UNHCR.

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