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We do not need too much money to solve refugee problems in Uganda

by March 7, 2017 Uncategorized

One among the issues we should quickly address is the decision making by few people within the refugee regime in Uganda who often make wrong decisions for refugees.

How can the United Nations Institutions which claim to be custodians of human rights do decide that only refugees in camps should get humanitarian aid? How can they decide that a person should be given 6KG of grains of Maize per month? How can they decide that some get access to medical treatment and others no? How can they decide that some refugee children access education and others no, how can they decide that refugee live in store waiting for away forward for their future? Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

How can we understand that the so called “professionals” highly employed and well paid by the United Nations Agencies cannot use their common senses to and conscience to help refugees live better? How can we say that these highly professional UN Staffs who take decisions do not have what is human in their decisions to understand that Equality alone cannot help but it should be accompanied by Equity?

How can we silently observe them shouting that refugee problems are cause by Donald Trump but they do not want to assume part of their responsibilities when the decide in order to harm, to maintain the problems and are happy when they see refugee suffering?

How can we remain silence when they continue deceiving us that the challenge they have is funding yet the is issue is how they have used the funding?

They should be accountable for all injustices caused to refugees and also and we struggle for this let us work hard for the reparation of the injustices caused to all refugees.

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