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Women’s day: Attribute to Refugee women who are the Economy behind their homes

by March 9, 2017 Uncategorized

Happy Women’s Day to you all,


Let us reflect on 4 things today. As an organization we are much active in the field of women’s rights through Equality but also Equity. We thanks all those who have supported the Foundation People for Peace and Defense of Human Rights financially.

1. Let us have one minute of silence to pray for all women and men who died because of injustices due to their sex, all those working for Gender equality and who oppressed in the name of culture and religion, and all those facing all gender discrimination that we are with them in their struggle.

2. We have to challenge Myths and Stereotypes, against women. We have to re-write a culture, a religion which recognize women as equal to men. We cannot discriminate women, cause injustice to women, oppress women, make women inferior, deny them economic power in the name of God or the African Culture. Both God and the African Culture are not harmful against women.

3. Particular thanks to all refugee women in Uganda who are the main bread winners in their homes but still respect their husbands and ensure the success in their marriages. More than 70% of the refugee population in Uganda is composed of women and children. Refugee women here support their families through selling small things, these women have sacrificed their own lives because they do not have time to plan about their lives, we should keep them in our minds.

4. We encourage women today to continue the struggle and ensure they are educated, play positive roles at the community level, and resist injustices.

In conclusion on this day, we still get this opportunity to tell men ” do not fear women’s development, women are also committed, a woman can have more money than you but still she loves you, she can have abilities to lead the family but still she loves, she can work for her money and still she is ready to share it for the benefit of the whole family, women can be transparent with money, they can be accountable. Women can choose to remain faithful to one partner, women are not a financial burden to men.

Kulihoshi M Pecos
Executive Director
Foundation PPDHR

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