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Release Mugarura Dieudonne or prosecute him to the courts of law immediately

Release Mugarura Dieudonne or prosecute him to the courts of law immediately

by December 6, 2017 Local News

Mugarura Dieudone is one among the Rwandan Refugee Leaders in Uganda and from the last two months he has been in the lands of the Security Services here in Uganda. Dieudone Picture

Kindly receive our warm greetings from the Foundation People for Peace and Defense of Human Rights,

We humbly submit to you the case of Mugarura Dieudonne a Rwandan Refugee in Kampala because we believe that your care for humanity is unquestionable and beyond measure.

Dieudone holds a Rwandan Refugee Status here in Uganda, he has been in the past the Chairperson of the Rwandan Refugee Community in Uganda and together with other Rwandan Refugees they have been struggling for the protection of Rwandan Refugees in Uganda. The views about his roles in the protection of Rwanda Refugees in Uganda may differ but he was among the leaders.

For the last two months Dieudonne has been in the hands of Uganda Security Services. All started when  Dieudonne alleged he was facing threats by people he believes are Rwandan Security Operatives attached to Rwandan Embassy here in Uganda. He reported the case to the Police and then it was handled by CPS, after the Police Report on the alleged threats, Dieudonne was offered protection by CIM one among the Ugandan Security Services, for a month. All our efforts to ensure that he leaves CIM goes either to OPM or the UNHCR where not successful because CIM could not let him go, they kept on promising that they will go with him,

Later on, he alleged that he moved out to withdraw money from a Mobile Money Agent and then was picked up by unknown people. In the process he was dumped at CPS on charges of robbery.  But the Police Officers handling his case have claimed that they have not come across the evidence of the robbery claims and only believe that his security is at high risk.

For more than one month now he is still under CPS Cells and we do not know up to when. We have engaged with OPM/ InterAid and other partners about this case but there is no progress made up to now. OPM has indicated to be waiting for the Police to finish investigations and the Police is claiming they finished their investigations and are only waiting for OPM to come at take Dieudonne and ensure that he is protected but as per now they all have not yet gone beyond that blame game.

Dieudonne has a family composed of the wife and two children who are passing through a very difficult situation because he was the bread winner at home. They rent a house here and it is to be paid every month, actually the wife is currently sick, we believe that this situation has played a role in her sickness.

They are all psychologically in pieces and are wondering what to do.

We humbly ask you to intervene so that Dieudonne should be either released from CPS unconditionally or taken to Court for prosecution as his detention is now illegal and arbitrary for all these days. And this should be done as urgent as possible from now,

We also humbly ask UNHCR to engage with its partners to ensure Dieudonne’s wife is granted urgently humanitarian aid relief during this difficult moment she is gong through, both the wife and the children are forced now to faced the consequences of what they are not part of,

Kulihoshi Musikami Pecos

Executive Director


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